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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fred Thompson to rule them all

Since I obviously see Fred Thompson as the best candidate for President of the United States, I thought it would be interesting to consider where to place the other candidates in the administration.

My picks for how the candidates could best serve the country.

Fred Thompson - President of the United States

I bet that shocked everyone ;-)

Mitt Romney - Vice President of the United States

My reasoning is that Mitt has unfortunately been tagged as a flip flopper. While I think some of that is unwarranted and I could still vote for him, he needs a bit of time to overcome that for many people. Mitt is very competent and clearly skilled at problem solving and understanding policy details. It seems to me that he could serve well as the VP to a solidly conservative president. If he had one or two terms presenting and defending the policies of a conservative president, he would then have earned the necessary street cred on a national scale. He's young enough that he could then be in position to carry the conservative message forward as the next President.

John McCain - Secretary of Defense

The only hesitation I have is his reputation for being difficult to work with. As Sec. of Def. his referencing his service would be appropriate in response to critics, more so than as President or VP and he would be somewhat removed from domestic policy decisions (immigration, free speech, esc research) while still providing valuable service to the country. I'll go more into his record and why he isn't my pick for President in another post.

Rudy Giuliani - Secretary of State

He understands the Jihadi threat and I'm quite confident he won't be watered down as Condaleeza Rice has been (esp. regarding Israel), to the great disappointment of many. His experience in cleaning up New York city could be useful in cleaning up the State Department as well. heh

Bonus: John Bolton's mustache - back at the UN!

Duncan Hunter - Homeland Security

It's  unfortunate that he didn't gain traction. He's a strong advocate for actually building the fence at the border and he's served our country honorably. It would be a shame to lose this dedicated public servant. If we must have the Homeland Security bureaucracy, let's have someone who is serious about protecting our borders leading it.

Tom Tancredo - Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

He did much to make sure that the illegal immigration problem stayed important in this election cycle. It also doesn't hurt that having him head ICE would also cause Michael Medved's head to explode, can't pass up that opportunity.


The rest of the candidates:

Mike Huckabee

Just join the Democrats already. At one time I had thought Mike Huckabee would make a good VP, maybe prove to me that he was Presidential material as I learned more about him. I started to look at his record and continue to listen as presented his policies and responded to criticism. Unfortunately, he has only shown me that I wouldn't even recommend him as a pastor, despite his claim to being a Christian leader.

Ron Paul

Stay in Congress I suppose, but please try to stop giving libertarian ideals such a bad name, don't run for President again and don't print anymore newsletters.

Worst possible ticket

John McCain\Mike Huckabee or Mike Huckabee\John McCain


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