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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fred Thompson - South Carolina round up

The South Carolina primary is tomorrow and Fred Thompson has picked up several more endorsements. Along with that, there is some news and analysis to consider as South Carolinians contemplate their vote on Saturday.

Fred Thompson endorsed by Limbaugh, David that is (Rush Limbaugh's brother).

Commentators are citing the unpredictability of the Republican primary contests as proof that Reagan conservatism is dead when precisely the opposite conclusion is warranted.

The main reason the conventional wisdom is being shattered in the primaries is that conservative voters, so far, have not been persuaded there is an electable, reliable conservative in the race.

But as I've stated before, I believe Fred Thompson is a reliable, consistent conservative. There are others in the field I could support, but not without some reservations. The more I learn about Fred and observe him in action, the more convinced I become that he's the right choice.


There is simply too much herd mentality among us about electability. We tell ourselves a candidate is not inspiring, then pretty soon we’re convinced he’s unelectable, and, voila, he almost becomes so. Yet, at that very moment, he’s proving to us that he is quite presidential, quite electable and quite motivated for the job — if we can only shed our predispositions against his “electability.” Since electability is often a matter of collective perception, it can turn on a dime, as with the reversal of the respective fortunes of screaming Howard Dean and somniferous John Kerry in 2004.(source, thanks to Stop The ACLU)

Be sure to read it all.

Alicia Colon endorses Fred Thompson.

...I've noticed the negligent media coverage of Thompson's campaign and it makes me wonder if the mainstream press considers him far more formidable than it would like. I've watched the debates, listened to the positions of all the candidates and I like Fred Thompson because he's running as an adult, not an entertainer.

When the moderator of the Iowa debate asked for a show of hands for those who believe that global warming is serious and man-made, Thompson immediately said, "I'm not doing a show of hands today". At least five of the other candidates had already raised their hands then lowered them when Thompson made his defiant stand against this juvenile request. It was clear who was a leader not a follower and isn't that whom we're supposed to be electing in November?


...according to Dick Morris, the Republican Party is fractured into three factions. The social conservatives are for Huckabee; the economic conservatives are for Romney and the national security crowd is for Giuliani. Oddly enough, Fred Thompson meets the criteria of all three blocs and sooner or later it's going to dawn on all these Republicans that they like Fred, too. (source)

Again, be sure to read it all, as she covers several issues issues important to the country, and how Fred Thompson has addressed them in contrast to the other candidates.

Move America Forward's chairman, Melanie Morgan endorses Fred Thompson. A small excerpt:

For the sake of this nation, I’m hoping that on Saturday the people of the Palmetto State punch the ballot for Thompson (no hanging chads, please).

Folks, it comes down to this basic premise:

The former Tennessee senator represents the best hope not just for Republicans and conservatives, but, most importantly, the best hope for America. (source, thanks to Stop The ACLU)

51 quotes about Fred Thompson

South Carolina will not decide the GOP nominee?

Eight years ago, winning South Carolina meant massive momentum headed into southern Super Tuesday states and, historically, the GOP nomination. Eight years ago, winning South Carolina meant you were the party of Reagan's mainstream conservative choice.

Today? When John McCain wins South Carolina — as he almost certainly will, for reasons to follow — it will mean almost nothing.


Instead of being the first state where the GOP’s natural conservative majority shapes the political field, South Carolina will be the final state of confusion, the last politically pointless stop on this wild 2008 ride. (source)

Fred Thompson can stay in the race past South Carolina.

Word from one of the Thompson Associates...

Whatever decision is made after South Carolina, the deciding factor on whether to continue and fight on or call it a race won't be money, the Associate says. Fundraising for the past several weeks has been solid, and they have enough to continue past South Carolina, although this Associate didn't know how many states they could afford to run ads in on Super Duper Tuesday. (source)

We may have a brokered convention. Will smokey back rooms decide how the GOP and conservatism will be defined? Will that make for a better result than a media driven, over-extended, front-loaded and crowded primary contest that began with open primaries?

With the possibility of a wide open race until the end, let's drop the "is it too late?" question. No matter the outcome in South Carolina, we need to do whatever we can to ensure that Fred Thompson is a well supported candidate. As long as he is in the race, it is not too late for anyone who has yet to vote. We can help Fred Thompson continue to be formidable with his presentation of principle and help spread his message, that he is the only consistent conservative in the race, that can unite and inspire all of the conservative coalition as no other candidate is able.

Fred08 - Contribute Now

Fred Thompson's campaign site -- donate to Fred Thompson's campaign

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