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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good for me, not so good for you

It's nice when someone spends time on my blog and bumps my page view stats up a bit and takes the time to leave comments. Unfortunately, when they leave comments showing little ability to see outside their confirmation bias blinders, it says little positive about their ability to learn.

How did I determine this? I'm glad you asked.

My post Joe Biden - super genius, elicited the following from Charles, in part a response to a comment left by Dave.

Not show? Why? He'll win hands down. Palin couldn't debate herself out of a wet sack without being fed the answers. She answered most of Charlie Gibson's questions with questions of her own because she doesn't have a clue.

Charles might want to look at the unedited interview, which is substantially different on key matters, before spouting such things. His claim that Palin answered mostly with questions is ridiculous enough to only deserve a snicker and eye roll in reply. Let's also not leave out the Gibson/ABC misquoted her and when she noted that, Gibson still claimed it was her exact words. Finally, Sarah Palin performed well enough in an number of  debates to win the Republican primary, unseat the incumbent Governor of Alaska and then defeat a popular, former Governor. Two years later and she still has an approval rating that is north of sixty percent.

This doesn't mean I think it's a certainty Palin will soundly defeat Biden, but she clearly has some skill at debating and presenting her views. Let's not forget that Biden is know as a gaffe machine for good reason and only this last week has had several. Neither side should fall prey to over confidence here as it's easy enough to have a bad day while your opponent has a good day.

But Charles didn't stop there. He decided to grace us with more of his "wisdom".

His reply to my post Holy Gibson follows.

The difference being one is a religious nutjob in a fringe church who drinks the koolaid. She thinks this is some kind of 'cruscade' and history tells us how the last one ended. The video is a nice try, but please. Nothing is more dangerous that someone in power who 'thinks' god is telling them what to do. What happens when they are 'told' that certain groups are 'bad' and need to be removed? Nazi Germany ring any bells?

Charles seems to be angling for a job at ABC. I think Charlie Gibson should watch out for this up and comer breathing down his neck. No doubt, Charles is relying on the same bogus information, an intentionally edited video that distorted what Sarah Palin actually said. That kind of in-depth investigation is perfect experience for a job in the mainstream media.

The truth to that matter can be found at both links at the top of my blog, "Lists of debunked Sarah Palin rumors". What does it say about a person that they spend thirty or so minutes here, view five pages, but miss the two links at the top? What of not searching and finding the post that mentions those two links?

For all the effort at commenting that Charles managed, I find it interesting that he said nothing to the post Obama continues his infanticide lies. That post is his visit entry page, by way of the Conservative Cat permanent floating ping festival. Perhaps even Charles knows that the fact Obama lied, and continues to do so, can't be argued away.

Now that I think about it, Charles -- Charlie Gibson, OMIGAWD! That explains it completely!


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