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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama - "Constitutional law" expert?

If that's true, Barack Obama seems to not care that he's stepping all over the U.S. Constitution lately. How so? Well there is that little matter called separation of powers. Foreign policy is in the hands of the President, rather than a huge committee of 500+ constantly having individual members go off on their own accord to this or that country and negotiate as they see fit. Obviously that would be a confusing morass that should be avoided and our founding fathers wisely arranged powers and duties to prevent such a mess in our relations to other countries.

Unfortunately, there appears to be some legs to the claim that Obama has worked to undermine U.S. foreign policy, while our troops are in combat. I covered it briefly in a previous post here and noted it was part of a pattern with Obama. Besides the sheer naked ambition of his action, there is the matter of the Logan act. Maybe considering the legal matters of this is also above Barack Obama's pay grade?

There's good coverage out there, which pretty much means the mainstream media is trying not to pay attention and others are picking up the slack. Yes, shocking isn't it?

From JustOneMinute we have ongoing coverage that you really need to take the time to read in full. Here's a small snippet from the latest post here.

if Obama can't communicate clearly he would do well to keep quiet, however difficult that may be for him.  Given Obama's penchant for "foreign policy by gaffe", as with his revised pledge of unconditional meetings with foreign leaders or his revised promise of an undivided Jerusalem, maybe a bit of silent contemplation before he takes to the world stage would be a great idea.

More at PajamasMedia here. Be sure to read it all. A small excerpt:

If the claims in the article are correct, Barack Obama was telling Iraqis to keep the number of American troops at current levels, while pressuring American officers for a withdrawal date  and telling the far left anti-war base of his supporters that he was pledged to a nearly unconditional withdrawal.

It does seem Barack Obama is intent on change. One would hope that Obama doesn't think himself so important that he can change the U.S. Constitution whenever it suits his fancy and is convenient to his ambition. This would be especially important when such foolishness would confound the mission of our troops in combat and confuse our relationship with other countries. It would be nice if there was a politician out there who would rather lose an election than have this country lose a war, country first and all that.


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