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Friday, September 12, 2008

ABC News wins the Juan Cole award!

Charlie Gibson will soon be accepting the award. What is this award you ask? "Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up." Rather than repeat the opening line to a previous post, whenever someone demonstrates similar behavior, it makes for a better title to create an award that encapsulates the jackassery that Juan Cole demonstrated. Besides, Juan Cole is quite an impressive example and naming the award after him is just too obvious to pass by.

This is just for the first part of the Sarah Palin/Charlie Gibson interview, shown Thursday night. Fortunately for ABC, I'll consider the series of interviews to be one overall event, to save them the embarrassment of multiple awards. I'm just that nice.

God's plan lie

And ABC tries to erase that lie from history

Apparently, the multiple levels of fact checking at ABC news have never heard of Google or of blogs that are anything other than liberal/left. Or maybe lying just takes less time and effort.

Gotcha game with "Bush doctrine"


Anyone who criticizes Sarah Palin, then, for asking Charlie Gibson to be more specific about the "Bush Doctrine" is trying to mislead you in at least two ways:

  • They're pretending that the term "Bush Doctrine" has a single clear, unambiguous meaning that anyone who follows national affairs ought to have immediately recognized. It doesn't, as I think this post and the materials I've linked here more than adequately establish.
  • They're pretending that because Gov. Palin didn't immediately try to guess which of several plausible meanings Gibson meant to give that term, but instead asked for clarification, she therefore must have been unprepared to discuss any of them. Gov. Palin herself disproved that premise, because upon receiving the requested clarification, she immediately responded with clarity and self-assurance.

If they had bothered to look, even the Wikipedia could have cured Josh Marshall, Greg Sargent, or Andrew Sullivan of their illusion that there's a single, simple meaning to the term "Bush Doctrine." When it comes to any discussion of Gov. Sarah Palin, these folks have shown us yet again that they just can't be trusted to get their basic facts right.

Be sure to read the entire article to understand fully how the author reaches the above conclusion.

Unfortunately, there is intense competition for this prized award, can't just give it out to everyone. Runner ups to the Juan Coley would be those who are running with both of these biased and falsified talking points and disparaging Governor Palin in the media, on blogs, Myspace etc.

Congratulations to ABC for providing another demonstration that the media is biased to the left. For those that still think the media is biased to the right, I'm sorry, but I haven't decided on an award for that just yet. I do laugh pretty loud at such a notion, if that helps.

PS - That would be me laughing at you, not with you.


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