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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin - fail, fail and fail and fail again

Yes, she is human and has failed at moments in her life. But, this failure is about the media's constant litany of criticisms, far too many times sourced from extreme, partisan blogs like DailyKos or the Democrat(ic) Underground.

I've found two lists of these debunked rumors and scandals that will be continually updated. Already, the lists are quite long. (Thanks to HotAir)

Vetting Sarah Palin

Palin Rumors

I've placed both links at the top of my blog as the authors plan to continually update them.

All this venom and crap reporting, sexism and outright intentional deceit create quite a toxic brew and Palin's more insane detractors seem to have no problem tossing back and then asking for more. With various segments of the media joining in, and being led by such fools, it's no wonder that 51% of Americans polled believe the media is trying to hurt Palin.

It's unfortunate that our media is helping with this. While it's not surprising to see such actions online, from partisans, extremists or MySpacers who run with confirmation bias and refuse to be informed beyond the rumor/innuendo or gotcha they think they have, one would think journalists would be more professional.

The mainstream media performance in this election cycle has been one of epic failure. The amount of scrutiny and outright lies Sarah Palin has experienced, much at the hands of the media, in such a short period, pales in comparison to what Barack Obama has had to endure. The alphabet media needs to get over it's love affair with this 47 year old double autobiographer and start doing it's job properly. And no, that doesn't mean float the idiocy that he's a secret Muslim, doing that would be as bad as noting that Sarah Palin has a degree in journalism.


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