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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's experience vs Obama?

According to Barack Obama, he has more experience than Sarah Palin. Let's take a brief look at his claim and consider just a little of Sarah Palin's record and see how it shakes out.

Barack actually claimed that his running a campaign of x number of people and budget gave him more administrative experience than a former mayor from a small town like Wasilla, Alaska. That's debatable on it's own, indeed laughable, but it also requires ignoring that Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska, with far more people under her authority, more responsibility, and a much larger budget than even Obama's bloated campaign.

But let's look at a bit more of her record. From Anchor Rising we have this:

A review of Sarah Palin's administrative orders (what many other states call "executive orders") shows action taken on a range of statewide issues. In two years as Governor of Alaska, she has implemented policies in areas ranging from healthcare reform to housing policy to mental health reform to energy production. Here are the highlights. [...]

Take the time to go over the highlights there. It's no wonder he closes with, "Let's cut to the chase now. Did Barack Obama get so many changes underway as a community organizer? How about as a United States Senator?"

The answer is so obvious, that one has to wonder if Barack Obama, with explanation of his experience being his own campaign, is angling to be the opening act for an established comedian.

But hey, if he really thinks he has more experience than Sarah Palin, perhaps she could say this in her speech tonight:

Barack Obama says he has more experience than I do.

Well, if he thinks John McCain is too much of a challenge, than Barack Obama can debate me!

I for one, welcome the challenge - anytime anyplace! bring it on!!

I'm sure Barack Obama would take her up on the offer, struggling comedians need all the exposure they can get.


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