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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who covers up good news?

Politicians certainly don't, especially when it's about them. What then should be thought of a politician who uses strong arm tactics and attempts to bring down the power of the federal government on someone over a video? Such actions, in place of simply refuting the content, say very little about that politicians views on free speech or tolerance for disagreement or criticism.

Michelle Malkin has the details of how Barack Obama is attempting to suppress this video, including the attempt to bring the U.S. Dept. of Justice into the matter. A small excerpt:

...Obama’s attempt to bully TV stations airing the ad and stop scrutiny of his radical ties is part and parcel of a larger campaign to chill the free speech of conservative political activists and donors. (her entire post here)

As she says, "Pass it on." Let's not let such tactics prevent the truth from being seen.

The Obama Campaign has responded by saying Barack was only a child at the time. That is simply irrelevant. Barack Obama was an adult when he began to work with Ayers, the history of whom was not a guarded secret. Obama claims to have condemned those actions, yet still calls Ayers mainstream and lies about his ties with the man. The issue is the judgement of Barack Obama as an adult. His decisions to work with an unrepentant domestic terrorist and to start his political career at a funding raising event at Ayers home, show very poor judgement. His several years work with Ayers in a failed and money wasting education reform project, does not match with Obama claiming Ayers was just another guy in the neighborhood, giving us another example of Barack Obama lying about his past.

Clearly, Barack Obama does not see this information as good news. If it could be shown to be inaccurate, so be it. Instead, we have the attempt to enlist an arm of the federal government to suppress something Barack Obama doesn't like. Shouldn't this give everyone pause, to consider what he would do if he actually had the power of the presidency in his hands?


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