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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How to destroy your credibility

And provide a good laugh at the same time.

Every now and then, Shawn Wilkinson gets the urge, for whatever reason, to comment on my blog. His stated motivation does not speak well of himself, but I suppose it would be rather presumptive to not take him at his word.

Spengel's Confusion and Whig Whag Over 1934

I can't help myself. I'm such a masochist that I actually read the writings of idiots for my own self-pleasure. Perhaps its a reflection of my arrogance, or perhaps I have some deep doubt of my own self-confidence and need reassurance that I'm more intelligent compared to the average Joe.

There are three topics that I am knowledgeable in that my masochistic side comes out: historical criticism, global climate studies, and the theory of evolution. These three topics come up with various frequency on my favorite baboon's web log, Mark Sprengel.

Recently, he commented on the recent hub-bub surrounding the 1998 temperature readings. For the full scoop beyond Sprengel's comprehension, read RealClimate's comment.

And don't worry. I expect fully well that everything will continue to fly over Sprengel's head. (I responded in this post)

Considering that I'm politically conservative, with a slight lean to libertarian and also a Christian, it's no wonder that disagreements would arise with someone who has said Dennis Kucinich is his favorite politician and has defended the (ir)Rational Response Squad on several occasions. His saying that Bush, Cheney etc., should be brought up on war crime charges only emphasizes the disparity, while not exhausting the disagreements.

But, little Wilkinson has decided to be so kind as to provide further amusement, while not realizing how badly he's destroying his credibility and his claim to being a non-partisan. Twice now, Shawn has referenced the DailyKos for support. I'll give my readers time to clean up after spewing their food and beverages.

Now that you've recovered and the laughter is reduced to giggling, the first instance of his foolishness would be clumsy ad-homing in an attempt to completely avoid the issue regarding Obama lying about his extreme abortion record. You can see the discussion here, which is better formatted than at the post it's related to here.

But Shawn couldn't stop there. Nope, he has in fact been infected with PDS. Almost immediately, he had two threads in one Myspace group, criticizing Sarah Palin. The hilarity begins with his claiming to be non-partisan but then only gets better when he references DailyKos in another thread. Yep, thread number three. Guess what it was this time.

If you didn't guess, it's the DailyKos baby wasn't Sarah's rumor, which having been deflated very quickly, he tries to cover with Sarah Palin was irresponsible to get on a plane when she was pregnant. You can see his wonderful performance here.

So thank you Shawn, it was entertaining enough to watch your fundie atheist antics and fundie global warming blather, but now you've shown that you'll work with the most ridiculous and extreme on the left, and still call yourself non-partisan. Oh yes, you did use one sentence to take a shot at Obama/Biden when you were called partisan in one of those threads. Tell you what, when you start a few threads criticizing Obama/Biden and you stop offering fallacies and deflections in defense of Obama on my blog, then I'll give you props for non-partisan. That won't remove the DailyKos stain of stupidity and extremism though. So again, thanks for the entertaining demonstration of your descending even further into self-inflicted lunacy than you ever have before.


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