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Monday, September 22, 2008

Anti-Palin campaign is a grassroots effort?

There have been many rumors and lies spread about Governor Palin soon after she was picked to be John McCain's Vice President. Some have spread quickly around the Internet and eventually were picked up by various pundits and news organizations, even weeks after having been debunked. See the two links at the top of my blog for continually updated lists of these debunked rumors and smears.

The problem, besides being outright lies, is that they may not be from mere individuals who are independent of the Obama campaign. The practice of faking grassroots support or resistance is known as "Astroturfing". This is obviously a dishonest method and Obama's chief campaign advisor is known for being quite good at this deceptive activity. See here for more information.

More has now been added to this story. There's good background on it here.

Ace sums up the new allegations well with this.


Obama Connected PR Firm Produces, Uploads Lying Anti-Palin Ad on YouTube, Then Pushes it Virally as "Grassroots" Effort; PR Exec Sockpuppets Praise Video for "Getting the Truth Out;" Company Employee Uploads it On Democratic Underground and Urges Readers to Send it Out to Ten People Each

The full story is here.

There is certainly enough smoke and apparent connections to warrant the media investigating this if John McCain's campaign were involved. It seems quite reasonable to expect the same diligence and search for truth investigating what the Obama campaign connections may be. We are talking about violating not only the public trust, but also playing the media for fools and breaking campaign finance laws.

Don't worry I won't hold my breath. The inaction of the media shouldn't stop us from spreading this story around though. As it is, there are numerous connections that give indication of possibly deeper and illegal activities. As many people as possible should be aware that a presidential candidate may be practicing very dirty/illegal politics. Perhaps that will encourage the media to act appropriately for a change.


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