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Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama lies and inflames racial fears

It would seem Barack Obama finally has an example of his ability to create bipartisan unity. Unfortunately, it's due to a range of people agreeing that Barack Obama lied in an ad attacking John McCain.

Ann Althouse has a round up here, several excerpts:

The Obama campaign not only shamelessly misused Limbaugh's quotes but also connected McCain to Limbaugh over immigration, an issue over which the 2 men have continually disagreed.


Obama is flatly and embarrassingly wrong on this, but I find it hard to picture him apologizing. I hope he is at least forced to talk about it, so we can pick apart the all-but-inevitable weaseling.

The Anchoress links to Ann Althouse and offers her own commentary here. A brief snippet: ad that proves the Obama camp is either full of liars or too stupid to understand parody and irony. Perhaps they are both.


The press will not ask Obama to talk about anything that makes him the tiniest bit uncomfortable.

Be sure to read it all.

I'm going to have to agree that the press will probably not cover this. At best, it will be very cursory and then dropped.

I wonder if those who support Obama, and yet are reasonable (yes they do exist), are having buyers remorse yet. This being another example of Obama putting his own ambitions above what really are greater concerns, it has to be a bit worrisome to those supporters. I'm quite sure they would not agree that lying and deepening racial divides are justified because the end result is that Obama might be President.

With Americans even now being called racist when they disagree with Obama, why should anyone believe that will change just because Barack Obama has the power of the Presidency? Besides the dubious notion that he will suddenly begin to act out his elevated talk of a new type of politics, there would be the matter of his more fervent followers believing their tactics were justified. Can we blame them? Barack Obama himself has used these tactics to ascend this far and may reach the ultimate heights of political power in this country. They're only following his example.


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