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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama continues his infanticide lies

It's already been well established that Barack Obama has lied about his pro-abortion record and his fight against legislation that would have protected abortion survivors. He now continues this disturbing habit with his response to the ad by, featuring abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, which you can see in a previous post. Unfortunately, Barack Obama responds with an attack ad, filled with more lies and distortions.

Jill Stanek exposes the lies in detail and notes that Obama's attack ad was "deceptive in at least 4 ways..."

Obama clearly does not have the courage to stand up and just admit the truth. Perhaps he's encouraged to lie by his supporters who leave comments online saying:

  • "Wow, good response. Off to give another donation to Obama."
  • "hit them back Obama don't allow them to swift-boat you, fight back and fight back hard"
  • "McCain leading the polls was a good reality check for Obama...hes not playing anymore, keep it up Barack!"

Note the lack of concern about the lies in the ad. The end justifies the means. Obama and his supporters don't care that they respond to Gianna Jessen with lies, they just care about winning. Considering the multiple deceptions, I'm impressed with the grace displayed by Gianna Jessen in her reply to Obama's attack.

“Mr. Obama is clearly blinded by political ambition given his attack on me this week. All I asked of him was to do the right thing: support medical care and protection for babies who survive abortion – as I did 31 years ago. He voted against such protection and care four times even though the U.S. Senate voted 98-0 in favor of a bill identical to the one Obama opposed. In the words of his own false and misleading ad, his position is downright vile. Mr. Obama said at the recent Saddleback Forum that the question of when babies should get human rights was above his pay grade. Such vacillation and cowardice would have left me to die if his policies were in place when I was born. Thank God they were not.” (From Michelle Malkin who has more here)

It's beyond denying that Obama has thrown aside the "new" politics he claimed to be ushering into the world. This man is just a typical Chicago thug politician, which is hardly surprising, considering that's where he came up in politics. That history also reveals a lack of reform, despite having opportunities to support reformers and legislation. No, Barack Obama instead decided to play along with Richard Daley machine politics.

What Barack Obama brings to the national stage and possibly the White House, is the corrupt political machine of Chicago. That would be bad enough but Barack Obama also has no problem lying about how he fought legislation to prevent infanticide. The only thing new about all that, is how far he's managed to get with only flowery words to counter his actual record.


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