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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain responds to the financial crisis

John McCain has decided to suspend his campaign and go back to Washington to help work out a solution to the financial crisis. McCain has also asked to postpone this Friday's Presidential debate.

"I have spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of my decision and have asked him to join me," McCain said in New York City Wednesday. "I am calling on the president to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself.  It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem.”

Barack Obama responds:

"I believe that we should continue to have the debate," Obama said. "It's my belief that this is exact time when the American people need to hear form the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsibly for dealing with this mess and I think that it is going to be part of the President’s job to deal with more than one thing at once.

For someone who is reasonably seen as being all talk and little to no action or actual results, it seems rather foolhardy to avoid taking action in Congress because one wants to talk.

Obama said that unlike McCain, he will not suspend ads, or campaign events scheduled between now and Friday's debate.

That's real smart, saying that when you're up against a guy running with the slogan "Country first". One get's the impression that Obama's new strategy is to do the exact opposite of John McCain. Next McCain campaign commercial:

You see that cliff over there?

John McCain is not jumping off.

This ad approved by John McCain.

"I think it's very important that the American people see the people who potentially could be in charge of this problem within the next couple of months..."

Translation: "look at me! look at me!"

and so my attitude is that we need to be focused on solving the problems, as I have been,"

Because campaign commercials and events will do so much more than actually doing work in Congress like a U.S. Senator?

Obama said. "It's also important that we communicate where we need to go in getting us out of the situation."

Because helping to negotiate, support and actually vote on a bailout plan would communicate nothing?

Obama said he will stay in Florida for the time being and will not return to Washington unless asked by Congressional leadership.

Waiting for the ok from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi? Now that's leadership we can believe in!

"I've told the leadership in Congress is that if I can be helpful then I am prepared to be anywhere at anytime," he said.

Anywhere at anytime? I hope that doesn't work out as well as your saying you would debate John McCain anytime, anywhere.

The entire article is here (thanks to HotAir), with interesting bs tossed about by Harry Reid, who Obama is deferring to for leadership.

One can be forgiven getting the impression that Barack Obama is wishing there was such a thing as voting "present" in the U.S. Senate. It must be frustrating to have so much experience at something and not be able to dazzle an audience with it during a time of crisis.


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