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Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama cockroaches running for cover?

An interesting reaction to the investigative report I covered in a previous post. In contrast to most online denizens, rather than enjoying the attention, videos and YouTube accounts are being removed and canceled in a rather organized fashion.

Ace notes why this is important here.

Barack Obama and the DNC watch this blog. And I've put them on notice since this afternoon that a story about them was coming.

Within an hour of the story being posted, the videos began coming down. Within 90 minutes they were all down.

That's a pretty fast response time. I didn't mention Winner & Associates in my hints. So why would they be on notice?

I only mentioned Axelrod and Obama.

As they say, read it all.

This story is ongoing and it looks like the best places to keep up would be the following.

The Jawa Report - They broke the story and did most of the research and look to have more coming in the future.

Excellent commentary and summary are being provided by:

Jim Treacher

Dan Reihl

Michelle Malkin

Another item to consider is that the videos were (quickly) removed rather than claim a copyright violation. That would tend to require revealing ownership of the videos. Why would someone not want to do that?


Ed Morrissey bullet points the issue, minus the running for cover, and ties this to past disturbing behavior by the Obama campaign.

Could this be true?  Normally, one would shrug off such a suggestion by saying that no national campaign would be dumb enough to try this, especially one ahead in the polls.  However, consider what Team Obama did to Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso.  They don’t seem hesitant in the least to conduct smear campaigns and character assassination to win elections, and they conducted those two attacks openly.  With that kind of track record, it doesn’t seem out of the question for them to have conducted a slimy, unethical attack on a political opponent who threatened to steal all of the oxygen away from their campaign in a way that hid their involvement.


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