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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sometimes being less sensitive is a good thing

But some people will be so sensitive to the conclusions of a recent climate study that they'll resort to all sorts of screeds masquerading as reasoned debate on the subject. Just take a look at Newsweek's last cover story for a hint of what's to come or the use of the term global warming deniers by others.

New research from Stephen Schwartz of Brookhaven National Lab concludes that the Earth’s climate is only about one-third as sensitive to carbon dioxide as the IPCC assumes. Schwartz’s study is “in press” at the Journal of Geophysical Research and you can download a preprint of the study here


Stephen Schwartz is a pretty mainstream climate scientist. Yet along with dozens of other studies in the scientific literature, his new study belies Al Gore’s claim that there is no legitimate scholarly alternative to climate catastrophism. (source - emphasis in bold mine)

As that post at NRO's The Corner notes, Schwartz does include appropriate caveats, but his conclusions are based on actual data, rather than climate models.

Hopefully, Stephen Schwartz will not be subjected to the threats of professional intimidation that have been thrown around by other people who don't care for those who question the supposed consensus.



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