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Saturday, August 11, 2007

6 steps minus one equals 10 million dollars

At least by the screwed up math of one lawyer and his clients. According to the story, several requests for no cheese were made by Jeromy Jackson, when he ordered a hamburger at a McDonald's restaurant recently. Apparently, Jeromy has a severe allergy to cheese and I would presume other dairy products. The order was not filled properly and now we have the lawsuit.

Jeromy Jackson, who is in his early 20s, says he clearly ordered two Quarter Pounders without cheese at the McDonald's restaurant in Star City before heading to Clarksburg.

His mother Trela Jackson and friend Andrew Ellifritz are parties to the lawsuit because they say they risked their lives rushing Jeromy to United Hospital Center in Clarksburg.

The lawsuit alleges Jeromy "was only moments from death" or serious injury by the time he reached the hospital.

Sounds pretty serious, this allergy he has. No wonder he stated several times that he didn't want cheese. Per his attorney:

"By my count, he took at least five independent steps to make sure that thing had no cheese on it," Houston said. "And it did and almost cost him his life."

After getting the food, the three drove to Clarksburg and started to eat the food in a darkened room where they were going to watch a movie, Houston said. (source)

For such a serious matter, it seems foolish to me to skip over one more step though. Checking the food in a lighted room before taking a bite! If this is such a life or death matter, as implied in the lawsuit, why not do that one more little thing, just to be sure?

If I were McDonald's, I would sue this twit for incompetence regarding his own health and his family for risking his life further with reckless driving.

As it is, the hamburger giant initially offered to pay half the medical costs, then to cover all medical costs. Seems fair to me, he did skip the one step that would have made certain his LIFE! was not in danger.

He and his family obviously didn't think his life was worth that little bit of extra effort. How they now arrive at 10 million dollars appears related more to lining their own pockets, than anything involving common sense.

Hopefully a sane judge will toss this out, or the final award will be substantially reduced to not much more than actual medical expenses.


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