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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Time travel has actually occurred

Apparently George Bush recently traveled back to 1998. Then again, it may have been Dick Halliburton Cheney. What else can explain NASA revising the U.S. temperature for that year downward? The media has trumpeted 1998 as the hottest year in the U.S. based on the data and of course tied that in with global warming, but now, it's in second place behind 1934. It would be just like Bush or Cheney to travel back in time to change the data.

Unfortunately, it wasn't BushHalliburtonCheney jumping through time to monkey with the temperature readings. What happened is that a scientist used flawed algorithms and data, while refusing to allow his program to be analyzed. Heaven forbid, we have testing and repetition of results when making scientific claims. Can't have that, the science is settled after all.

Hot Air has a good round up here. Be sure to follow all the links at Hot Air for the full story. It's well worth the time. Allahpundit closes that post with a great point.

Perhaps the deflation that Hansen ought to get due to his basic error on the Y2K bug in his data will spark a broader reevaluation of his work and of the way science is reported via press offices that are conduits of earth science to the public. It’s long over due.

Funny timing this, what with Newsweek's cover story about global warming "deniers". One wonders if Newsweek and the other usual suspects will have cover stories on this goof up and the arrogance that kept it from being discovered. I advise my readers not to hold their breath waiting for that.


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