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Monday, August 13, 2007

Christopher Hitchens - a fundie Christian?

It seems that some people think that mostly fundie Christians are the ones foolish enough to agree with BushChimpHitlerCheneyHaliburton concerning staying in Iraq until we've defeated the enemy. Even worse that such people think victory is even possible is, in their view, only further evidence of their lack of intellect, typical of these primitive religionists in general.

Unfortunately for this extreme view, Hitchens remains a staunch atheist, while offering good arguments for continuing in Iraq. His credentials as a pugilist in service to the neo atheists fighting against religion have not been softened of late with his most recent book, "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything". Yet, at the same time, he continues to offer more of the following:

Foolish myths about al-Qaida in Mesopotamia. (thanks to Instapundit)

...believers are models of lucidity when compared to the hair-splitting secularists who cannot accept that al-Qaida in Mesopotamia is a branch of al-Qaida itself.


The facts as we have them are not at all friendly to this view of the situation, whether it be the "hard" view that al-Qaida terrorism is a "resistance" to Western imperialism or the "soft" view that we have only created the monster in Iraq by intervening there.


To say that the attempt to Talibanize Iraq would not be happening at all if coalition forces were not present is to make two unsafe assumptions and one possibly suicidal one.


If I am right about this, an enormous prize is within our reach.


Perhaps even some Christians could also learn something from the man on this matter facing the civilized world. This is not a threat we should shrink back from, just because a Jesus loving, prolife Texan who has poor presentation skills is trying to lead the world to stand against this menace.

If eloquence and lack of religion are requirements (shallow as that is) for one to allow themselves to be convinced, then Mr. Hitchens more than adequately meets the need.


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