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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Arab shopkeeper ... was the first to help

An incident that occurred in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday, resulted in one death and nearly a dozen wounded. The family of the individual killed by Israeli security guard have claimed Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib was shot without cause. Security camera footage reveals a different story.

The video clearly shows Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib, 29, from Kafr Manda in the western Galilee, following the guards, Alex Nepelvich and Mikhail Popov, as they patrolled the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old City. Then, as the guards start to enter a kiosk, Khatib snatches Popov's gun and runs away.

The guards give chase through the crowded street, and Khatib tries to shoot Popov, but failed since the pistol was locked, the video shows. The two men scuffled and this time Khatib succeeded in shooting Popov, before fleeing.


Nepelvich is seen on the video standing next to a wall and shooting at the terrorist.

At first, Nepelvich failed to hit Khatib. After a resumed chase, Nepelvich caught up with Khatib and killed him.

Ten people, including Popov, were wounded in the shoot-out.

Clearly, there was cause. At this point, I wouldn't go so far as to call this man a terrorist as the story is headlined. It seems to me, that he was merely a stupid criminal, though this didn't make him non-dangerous.

Fortunately, it appears that no bystanders were killed and the security officer injured will recover.

However, the best part of the story for me, is what I highlighted in the title of this post.

Popov said that an Arab shopkeeper who witnessed the shooting was the first to help him and Jewish children who had been wounded in the shoot-out. (source - includes the video)

While I would rather such violent incidents become much less frequent in this world, until then, reading the above provides some hope, that such is still possible.

My prayers for all injured and that what the Arab shopkeeper did may serve as a positive example for others on all sides. Also, that Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib's family, despite the truth appearing quite negative regarding his actions, will someday find solace and comfort, rather than be drawn to the side of more hatred and violence.


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