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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Global warming holocaust deniers!

This might upset little so and so at the weather channel. Sorry, I'm not going to get certified as a climatologist, so you can call for my decertification, while boo hooing about how political the issue has become.

As for the dork who said this in my post about the great headline:

Certainly is ironic. Too bad Wyoming and Montana are suffering from severe droughts while the northeast gets pounded with more than usual percipitation. Climate is not a local phenomena, but a global one.

Besides the obviously deficient sense of humor, which I noted in my reply, there is the the kowtowing to the new mantra "climate change" rather than global warming. That such an individual also thinks it necessary to state that climate is a global matter speaks volumes as well. Unfortunately, it's also part of the problem with the Global Warming! *oops* Climate Change! hysteria when it comes to the actual data and how much scientists actually understand regarding what affects our climate and how sensitive it is to such factors.

Don Suber lists a number of global warming holocaust deniers around the globe.

So far, February’s temperatures have been lower than the all-time recorded average for the month.

“This February has averaged 22 degrees in Charleston. The lowest February temperatures on record were in 1978 when the average was 24.2 degrees.”


temperatures in Antarctica are not co-operating with the computer models for global warming, said David Bromwich, professor of professor of atmospheric sciences in the Department of Geography.


Agence France-Presse reported: “Heaviest snow in nearly a century hits northern Indian resort town.”

Rather difficult to decertify an entire landmass or town because it ain't cooperating with the hype, though I suppose some might consider trying that.


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