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Sunday, February 11, 2007

San Francisco State University

Or stupid is as stupid does. Apparently desecrating flags is a big no no at SFSU. You would be wrong if you thought this was about the typical moonbats and looney lefties burning the American flag.

S.F. State -- Hecklers' paradise (thanks to Ace)

This story starts with an "anti-terrorism rally" held last October on campus by the College Republicans. To emphasize their point, students stomped on Hezbollah and Hamas flags. According to the college paper, the Golden Gate (X)Press, members of Students Against War and the International Socialist Organization showed up to call the Republicans "racists," while the president of the General Union of Palestinian Students accused the Repubs of spreading false information about Muslims.

In November, the Associated Students board passed a unanimous resolution, which the (X)Press reported, denounced the California Republicans for "hateful religious intolerance" and criticized those who "pre-meditated the stomping of the flags knowing it would offend some people and possibly incite violence."

It gets worse, a whiny student filed a complaint, which has led to investigations.

OSPLD Director Joey Greenwell wrote to the College Republicans informing them that his office had completed an investigation of the complaint and forwarded the report to the Student Organization Hearing Panel, which will adjudicate the charge. At issue is the charge that College Republicans had walked on "a banner with the world 'Allah' written in Arabic script" -- it turns out Allah's name is incorporated into Hamas and Hezbollah flags -- and "allegations of attempts to incite violence and create a hostile environment," as well as "actions of incivility."

At an unnamed date, the student panel could decide to issue a warning to, suspend or expel the GOP club from campus.

The students are being defended by The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and they make an excellent though extremely common sense point.

"By punishing students on the basis of how harshly, violently or unreasonably others might react to their words," the letter argued, "SFSU would create an incentive for those who disagree to react violently, conferring a 'heckler's veto' on speech to the least tolerant members of the community."

Can we say Cartoon Jihad? Jihadi jackoffs are currently preeminent examples of "least tolerant members of the community." Considering how savvy the Islamofasicsts have been at exploiting the PC, hate America tendencies of many in academia and western court systems, let alone the media, how long will it be before they start plastering Allah on their clothing and buildings? I can see it now, the war mongering imperialists manipulated by New York money people have desecrated Allah when they shot that poor Muslim with the rocket launcher aimed at the imperialists! We must file a complaint with civil rights organizations! Curses on the infidel! The rotor wash from their helicopters blew dust onto our mosque, covered with Allah's name (please don't smoke by the guarded, padlocked room). The sweat and dust on my clothing formed the name of Allah, it's a miracle from Allah and Mohammed his prophet, touching me is an act of incivility and incites violence!

Unfortunately, life is sometimes stranger than fiction - Coca-Cola's script logo, Burger King ice cream. People capable of such perpetual outrage easily exceed attempts at parody. If only the result was merely laughter, rather than the oppression and violence they intend.

Needless to say, if San Francisco State University ran the war we would be in a pile of shyte. Then again, Princess Pelosi, San Francisco Representative in the U.S. Congress, is Speaker of the House.


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