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Friday, February 02, 2007

Dialogue with RRS groupies - round 1

Apparently, some didn't like my last post, and perhaps previous posts as well, regarding the (ir)Rational Response Squad. The comments and replies were getting rather too long so, I'll bring it up the post level.

Per my usual, the original comments from the RRS groupie are in bold, with my replies in regular font, interspersed throughout. You can see the comments by "Wank Falton" in original form here.

Or in your case, one ends up being a tool. High five!


And who are you to know the ultimate biddings of said supposed god? Who made you the soothsayer of the supernatural?

Perhaps you might consider Christian doctrine as developed over several thousand years from experience and the Bible? Online "contradictions" lists don't count.

Please, please, PLEASE! show us the evidence which is right in front of us. Pleeeeeease, I beg you.

Go fish. It's not like the information is difficult to find in this day and age. Your attitude shows that you've already determined none exists, which is typical of the (ir)rationals and their groupies. I see no reason to waste my time providing the fish myself, so to speak.

And you can't say bible - that would be strike one - that isn't evidence of the supernatural. Believing that would be intellectually dishonest now, wouldn't it.

You assume, and foolishly so, that I would argue in circular fashion. Your immediate jump to such also demonstrates your deep-seated bias. Properly used, I see no reason to automatically dismiss the data within the Bible.

And for someone who supposedly wants to partake in "robust discussion" you like to stoop to levels of name calling and childish playground chatter...The Sap? That's r-tarded mate.

Well mate, if I accept your criteria, then I must conclude the same for you, considering your play on Frank Walton's name and blog. However, I've had previous experience with The Sap, and because of this I know he is not interested in reasonable discussion. As such, I see no reason to bother with avoiding sarcasm. Also, would you prefer that I called him a viper, serpent, say his father is the devil? You might want to think about that before you say it wouldn't be "Christ like".

Finally, I've had plenty of discussions with people ranging from Muslim, pagan, atheist, agnostic and deist. While I'll debate aggressively, I can be reasonable with those who are also reasonable.


There's more but I wanted to break the comments out per groupie.


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