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Sunday, January 28, 2007

More die in Iraq

If you've been watching the typical MSM news on television lately, you would probably suspect the title to be followed by a list of American casualties. The list might even include photos of those fallen, as CNN showed today during a news program. Such presentations only give the impression that we are doing nothing but dying, the enemy acting with impunity and not suffering as much or even more than our troops. That simply is not the case.

U.S. and Iraqi forces kill 250 militants in Najaf

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 250 gunmen in a fierce battle involving U.S. tanks and helicopters on the outskirts of the Shi'ite holy city of Najaf on Sunday, a senior Iraqi police officer said.


Unfortunately, early reports are that a U.S. helicopter went down and both crewmen were killed. It should be clear, however, that our troops, along with the Iraqis, are inflicting much greater damage on the terrorists, even before the surge is fully underway.

Sadly, the unbalanced reporting of the MSM is attempting to inflict a larger emotional toll on the American psyche. This reflexive tendency, or for some, intentional betrayal, is only amplified and helped along by people who are too lazy to do more than click channels on their TV remotes.

That however, does not completely absolve the journalists, who in their ivory towers, decide how the news should be shaped. We are at war. Those who have the responsibility to inform us, should do so in a balanced manner.

Yes, our troops are dying, but it's within the context of a complicated war and one in which the enemy is suffering greater loss. For a media so transfixed on death counts, why do so many ignore or only briefly mention what the enemy experiences? Their fetish for remaining "neutral" only results in their destroying our will to fight. At best, this is incredibly foolish on their part. Yet, for those who are only foolish, others are intentionally adversarial. We used to  have the guts to call that treason. Can a country that refuses to see such actions for what they are, still have the courage to stand up to a determined enemy?


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