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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Talking out of both sides of your mouth

Senator Kerry received much ridicule for doing such, even with some time passing between his flip flops. Of course, it didn't help when he uttered that voted for it before voting against it line, a gift wrapped present to one's political opposition, to say the least.

We now have various members of Congress acting in similar fashion. The difference being political CYA when the lives of our troops and that of Iraqis and others are on the line.

Congress's Iraq Quagmire

...Such is the muddle of Congress on Iraq: A majority may soon go on record opposing the new offensive in Baghdad even while encouraging the commander who leads it.


The article concludes with advice to how Congress should act.

But legislators need a better way to act on their opposition to the current policy than the passage of nonbinding resolutions that may cover them politically but have no practical impact -- other than, perhaps, the negative one suggested by the general.

As it happens, Gen. Petraeus made his own suggestion at Tuesday's hearing, offering to report to Congress regularly about the mission, including updates on the performance by Iraqis on their commitments. [...] Taking Gen. Petraeus up on that, and closely and systematically monitoring the progress of events in Iraq during the coming months, is probably the best contribution that Congress can make to helping the new American commander address what he calls a "dire" situation.

Decent advice, except for the fact that the current CYA contingent will only use it for their own ends. Such hearings, if publicized, will only devolve into a chance for such to sputter political sound bites and criticism, with nary a hint of what can be done to actually improve the situation. Their position, semantic window dressing aside, only being that we run away as the enemy has stated they would very much like for us to do.

No matter their political affiliation, at the very least, their judgement is in serious question. As to their patriotism, it's their decision to talk of giving the enemy what it wants. When has a nation been able to claim victory, or survive, when it  constantly gives in to a hardened enemy that only responds to such with more demands and more violence?


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