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Saturday, January 20, 2007

A consumer lawsuit is inevitable

When companies are clearly negligent in providing instruction on the proper use of their products, trial lawyers are guaranteed to enact severe punishment. Heck, they don't even need that if they can emote like John, hallelujah!! the lame shall walk, Edwards. But a new product on the market can't help but expose its creator to such lawsuits.

The Fox Blocker (Thanks to LGF)

More a political statement than a real working product, a couple of lefty types are selling a filter called the Fox Blocker that is supposed to block all reception of the Fox News channel on your television...

Considering that the target audience for such a device would be moonbat, aluminum foil beanie types, the designer better have, in every language and hand signal known to man, instructions on how to use this gizmo properly. Such types would no doubt make a mistake concerning which orifice to plug the trinket into, let alone what gets stuck in the other end of said technological wonder, without having clear instructions from their overlords. It would be unfortunate, and by that, I mean incredibly hilarious, if a lawsuit resulted from that.

Just trying to be helpful.


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