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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Senator Biden - motor mouth causes hearing loss

The Democrats seem to be stumbling a bit in their early moments as the majority in both chambers of Congress.

Biden May Have Overplayed Anti-Cheney Card

Newly minted Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Joseph Biden's claim that the vice president has given up on the war in Iraq is being met in the administration with charges that he misrepresented what Dick Cheney has said about the war. (Biden said last week that he thinks officials in the Bush administration–"maybe even the vice president"–have decided that Iraq is a lost cause.)

Nothing like projecting your own yellow spine onto others. Seems that someone in the administration didn't care to let such comments go without a response.

"Senator Biden was the headliner in amateur hour this week when he claimed that the vice president thinks we've lost the war in Iraq," E-mailed a key official with close ties to the Senate and White House. "Senator Biden clearly failed to hear what the vice president has been saying on our military fighting in Iraq, on the Iraqi security forces, on our goals and commitment," added the official. "But then again, the ambitious senator spends his time talking, not listening."



The 08 Presidential campaign is going to quite interesting as Biden has thrown his hat into the ring. Hopefully he won't put us to sleep with his rambling. Although, combining the speaking style and tones of Biden, Al Gore and John Kerry might make for a formidable weapon. Who needs to blare rock music at entrenched bad guys, when you can bore them to sleep, indeed near death, with that holy trinity of droning boredom?


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