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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't escalate the Iraq war!

While many Democrats and to their shame, some Republicans are saying this to the President, it appears Al Queda is saying the same thing. Anyone hear of this on the network news?

Al Qaeda flees Baghdad (Thanks to Captain's Quarters)

Al Qaeda terrorists are fleeing Baghdad in advance of President Bush’s 21,500-man troop surge, a senior military intelligence officer told Pajamas Media today. Under orders from the al Qaeda commander in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, fighters are streaming toward the Diyala region of Iraq.

This confirms reports posted on Iraq the Model, which cited al-Sabah, an Iraqi government-owned newspaper.

In speaking with Pajamas Media the military intelligence officer supplied several new details of the al Qaeda retreat.

The apparent evacuation of Baghdad by al Qaeda forces comes from direct orders issued by al-Masri, the former soldier who took control of the Iraqi wing of al Qaeda following the June 2006 bombing death of Zarqawi.

Initially, the intelligence officer informed Pajamas, the Baghdad-based AQ fighters did not want to leave. Al-Masri had to send unequivocal orders for their retreat, adding that one of the lessons from the Fallujah campaign was that Americans have learned how to prevail in house-to-house fighting. Masri said that remaining in Baghdad was a ‘no-win situation’ for the terrorists.

If this checks out, and there are several, on the ground sources for it, there appear to be some among our enemies who fear the surge, perhaps even more than the posturing politicians arraying themselves against President Bush. Yet, we still have the Murthas and others who would limit the number of troops that could be sent or who talk of cuts to funding.

When I was first reading this and discussing it with a friend, I wondered if Al Queda was just going to have a chance to regroup, but the article continues, noting recent offenses in the Diyala province as reported by Reuters here.

Hundreds of people have been trying to flee the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala, close to the Iraqi-Iranian border, following a recent offensive by US and Iraqi troops in the area.


The Iraqi Ministry of Defence said that this offensive was part of a new plan to combat and capture insurgents in hot spots countrywide. The ministry said Diyala province had the second highest number of insurgents after Baghdad.

The Pajamas Media article continues:

The operations combine ground forces and airstrikes.

U.S. commanders are well-aware that a trap may be set for them. Even with the raids in Diyala in progress, there are no plans to deploy large numbers of the “surge” forces outside Baghdad. Instead it will be the job of the Iraqi army to chase down militants, assisted by U.S. aerial reconnaissance and predator spy planes

Hopefully, we will continues this pursuit and follow the strategy being used in Somalia as covered here.

“The goal is to take the ICU apart so they don’t come back,” a military intelligence source said. Sources within the U.S. military, intelligence community, and Somalia’s transitional federal government are concerned that the ICU will mount an insurgent fighting campaign if it is not eviscerated.

It's rather difficult to come back if your busy with whatever number of virgins you get for your martyrdumb. Eviscerate, take apart, it matters not to me what words or euphemisms we use, as long as we work to destroy our enemy.

Those agitating for funds to be cut or troop deployments to be limited only show they care more about opposing Bush, than being informed by on the ground conditions, or even thinking about defeating the enemy. Even now, the surge plan has provided more opportunity to destroy Islamofacists. We would be foolish to shrink back from such an opportunity. To only allow our enemy to escalate war, while in reply we run and hide, only means we will pay a higher price later. Whatever political gain there is, which tempts some to choose defeat over victory, it will not overcome the tremendous loss of life that will result when our emboldened enemy sees us repeating the most negative aspects of the Vietnam War and responds with broadening it's goals and terror on not only the United States but also the rest of the world.


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