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Monday, January 22, 2007

They do the work of our enemy

Several times in the last few days I've heard about the latest U.S. casualties. Just now, the local Fox station repeated the story about a helicopter that may have been shot down, killing all on board. If all one did was rely on these news shows, it would be difficult to think our soldiers are accomplishing anything other than dying. Our enemy has stated that they hope to outlast our will to fight as they did in Somalia under Clinton, to create another Vietnam for us, as they've put it.

Having heard the enemy state this, the MSM continues to report as much as it can, that is demoralizing, ignoring context or how the enemy is suffering even more at the hands of our courageous soldiers. Is it really that difficult to balance our casualty numbers with that of the enemy, or mention other positive aspects elsewhere in Iraq, or even in the broader war on terror?

If you haven't heard this:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Monday 93 rebels were killed and 57 captured in a 10-day operation against al Qaeda-linked insurgents northeast of Baghdad.

Is it too much to ask that such things be repeated as often as our casualty figures?

...weapons caches, including around 1,200 Katyusha rockets, had been found during operations dating back to November in the area around a remote village called Turki.

There's more in that story about the Iraqi army gaining in capability.

So, how often will this story be repeated on the network news? Have any of the opposition to the war noted our operations in Diyala, or that Al Qaeda is fleeing Baghdad before our surge is in full force, or that Sadr's militia is demoralized and hiding, trying to stay out of our way? As I've asked before, "how can the losing side know it has lost if the winning side is not allowed to know it has won?"

Without even giving the President's plan a chance, and ignoring positive changes already under way, the MSM and opposition continue their undermining of the nation's will to fight.

This is patriotism?


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