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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Nuge kicks 'em in the nads

I'll never forget hearing Ted Nugent on a local talk radio station at work one day. The Motor City madman hasn't been called a motor mouth for nothing. Over the years he's stood up for hunters, gun owners and stood against drugs, to name a few causes he's been involved with.

Recently, he's been accused of making racist remarks. Let's see how the Nuge deals with his accusers.

Surprise, more lies aimed at a lover of America, liberty

[...] In total defiance to the vicious lies and hateful allegations of “racism” leveled at me by irresponsible, unprofessional and downright goofy media punks, I never said a word about immigration or language, specifically not the alleged slam against “illegal immigrants” or “non-English-speaking” anyone.

Those are pure, unadulterated lies created by a hyper-liberal media which have failed forever to take me on regarding any quality-of-life issues in America.

They are cowardly, with nothing of substance to offer. Many of the media’s so-called writers and reporters so desperately despise my long-running, unstoppable promotion of hunting and gun rights, it causes them to dump all logic and clarity in their soulless scramble to, what they have admitted, “destroy” this Nugent guy. Tsk, tsk.


To call me a racist is indeed hard evidence that the accuser is indeed a racist, insane, pathetic and soulless. Go figure.

Meanwhile, my spirit soars, ...They will lose, I will win. Period.


I will recruit many more NRA members this year. I will kill and distribute more tonnage of pure venison for the magnificent Hunters For The Hungry program.

I will increase the hunting trips we provide for needy children and wounded military heroes and their families. I will turn up the heat to expose the vacuity and antiAmerican agenda of the left.

I will increase my war on drugs, against drinking and driving, and against tolerance for crime and stupidity. I will intensify my fight for a united America by demanding all Americans speak English.

I need no one’s authorization for my experiment in “self-government.” God and I have a deal. We’re on it. We’re rockin’.

And keep on rockin! Be sure to read his entire article for the smackdown wherein he goes over his musical past. As he said, calling him a racist reveals more about the accuser than anything about himself.

The "journalists", though dismissal quotes seem rather redundant considering the MSM performance on Iraq and other issues, must surely feel they've grabbed a much larger cat by the tail then they had hoped. Well, duh, what do you think will happen when you lie about someone who has a concert performance consisting of this:

“We’re celebrating the victory in Iraq” he proclaimed before “Wango Tango” and bragged, “There ain’t no such thing as a French cowboy!” He should tour with the USO. “I love when Americans kill assholes!” he added before playing “Raw Dogs, War Hogs.” The relatively new song “Kiss My Ass” was dedicated to fellow Americans the Dixie Chicks and also mentioned a not so surprising disdain for Jesse Jackson and Janet Reno.

Believe it or not, it gets even better.

At one point, the Motor City Madman donned a bow and arrow, aiming across the stage. A Saddam Hussein life-sized cutout dangled in effigy. The mock dictator’s reign was ended by a shot from Nugent…directly in the heart. Favorites “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold” stirred the crowd into a frenzy .The closing cover of the national anthem was typically overstated. As he left the stage, he raised an assault rifle in one hand and a guitar in the other. With an unapologetic and devilish smile, he yelled, “This is my American dream!”

I like that dream. Though I'll probably never be any good with the guitar, I do have some firearms and plan to add to the collection some day. If the last part of that sentence causes some to soil their pants, too bad.


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