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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

When a whiney little beotch forgets their meds

Ted Rall, who else?


Iraq Fiasco Exposes Faith-Based Reasoning

NEW YORK--Attention right-wing neoconservative Republicans: We Americans have done things your way since 1981, when an actor named Reagan convinced us that we weren't entitled to anything from the government other than a canceled check for our taxes. We supported dictators against democratic movements. We started wars against tiny weak countries like Grenada and Panama and Afghanistan just because we could. Even when we had a Democratic president, he bought into Reagan Republicanism; Clinton cut rich people's taxes, signed NAFTA and got rid of social welfare programs.


It only continues with more idiocy.

I've already commented on this fools antics, see previous posts at the end of this one. He is not an individual prone to reason or logic, which is clear if you've seen his attempts at political humor with his cartoons.

Suffice it to say, that I see no reason to back off my previous estimations of the "man".

He is either flirting with becoming a holocaust denier or he is merely braying for attention as only a spoiled, maladjusted, childish and mentally deficient jackass can.


Considering the content of that "comic", one has to wonder if the little twit is simply jealous (scroll down) and has to release his frustrations this way because he suffers from excessive dermal abrasion doing it in the traditional manner.

My apologies to those who need to shower again after having read his regurgitated rant.

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