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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Either blinding stupidity or intentional deceit

I suppose a third option is intentional deceit so blindingly stupid as to miss the obvious error. A photo and caption by Agence France Presse leaves little else as explanation.

Test questions:

What's a cartridge?

What's a casing?

What's a bullet?

The AFP after their multiple fact checking and editorial reviews, managed to miss every one of those questions. Captain Ed has the story and the incredible (as in fake fake fake) photo/caption, along with a blogger round up about the matter. An excerpt of his comments, but you really need to follow the link and see it for yourself.

The abject failure to comprehend the basic fact that these bullets could not possibly have been shot through a wall into the woman's bed reveals not just ignorance, but a malevolent willful determination to remain ignorant. (source)

Now, how difficult would it be to gain some understanding before running with such a photo and caption?

Bullet - from Wikipedia, notice the diagram under the design section.


Cartridge (firearms) again from Wikipedia.

and there is a French version of Wikipedia, so no excuse.

How clueless must one be, to not have a wee bit of suspicion over how such a shiny, perfectly intact bullet managed to penetrate a wall and hit a bed? The level of ignorance in this case even prevented a very quick Internet search to get informed.

Worse yet, if deceit was the intent, and it most certainly was at various levels of the chain of acquiring the photo and creating the caption, it also shows various levels of disdain for the eventual readers. The more aware an individual was of the inaccuracy of the claim and photo and yet still passed it along, the greater their disrespect for those they most surely viewed as merely targets of propaganda, and as being too stupid to notice the lie.

In this case, the willful ignorance that some might legitimately claim only results in being indistinguishable from such depraved motivations. We are at war and maintaining an intentionally clueless condition, only serves the goals of the enemy. This evil will not be merciful to it's useful idiots once it turns it's hatred in their direction, despite being helped to victory by such foolishness.


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