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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When yer Willy has it right...

"Bonjour ya cheese-eating surrender monkeys!" - said by groundskeeper Willy when substituting for a french class (The Simpsons)

Apparently, the French government has plenty of time on hand, now that they can no longer count the receipts from oil and other trading with that wonderful dictator and crybaby in court Saddam Hussien. Now they seem to want to make up for the inability or perhaps laziness of French companies, by forcing Apple to make it's Ipod music open to anyone who wants to be able to play it.

Apple attacks plan to open iTunes

Apple has criticised a French law that could break the locks tying songs from the iTunes store to iPod players.

In a statement Apple said that if the law were passed it would result in "state-sponsored piracy".

The law to open up all online music stores is due to go to France's upper house of parliament for final approval.

The French government said the law was drawn up to ensure no single company dominated the fast growing music download market.


Heaven forbid, that the marketplace be allowed to make such decisions. If consumers are not satisfied with what Apple provides, they can go elsewhere. I guess the, no 40 hour work week for me, French consumers might find that to be too much effort.

Homer Simpson said it best.

"Stupid French"


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