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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The NY Times is going down

I bet that got Bill Clinton's attention.

Due to the extraordinary fact-checking process at the paper of record - oops. Seems more like "whatcha got that makes ChimpyHilter look bad?". Turns out the hooded dude of Abu Ghraib fame, is not the guy that's been going around claiming - hey that's me!

Michelle Malkin has the story and several links to reaction here. Just a sample, go read it all:

The New York Times acknowledged in Saturday's editions that it incorrectly identified an Iraqi man in a front-page story as the hooded figure shown in a photograph from Abu Ghraib prison that became an icon of abuse by American captors.

An editor's note accompanying a front-page story on Ali Shalal Qaissi said the paper ''did not adequately research Mr. Qaissi's insistence that he was the man in the photograph.''

She has a graph of the NY Times stock price going down, and hitting it's lowest point since 1998. This decline was also noted in December here.


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