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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Though instead of the mythical story of running off a cliff, it seems that some decided to leap off of ports.

The Dubai port deal is dead. All that is left is fighting over who can brag about killing it and being a brave enough Republican to stand up against the administration. I don't think Congress was all that brave in this matter. They panicked and rather than lead, they merely followed the view that got out the gate first, like little lemmings. Lead or follow, which takes more bravery and skill? Apparently whoever seems to care most wins nowadays. Panic is more emotive than careful deliberation, so seems more concerned, the ultimate trump card as the creator of Dilbert noted with his usual talent for humor. If only humor could removed the foolishness of such a standard.

There are several things the administration can learn from this. Conditions for such a perfect storm have existed for some time now. By this I mean a situation where former supporters criticize and are joined by the MSM and TUS and reaching a critical mass that cannot be resisted and which draws in the GOP lemmings. In  this case, we have the dissatisfaction that many administration supporters have had with how the Southern border and illegal immigration have been handled. The impression has been that commercial concerns are more important. With the ports we have another combination of security issues and business/economic interests. That lack of confidence in the administration was already there, lying in wait for a match to light it.

This led to the story breaking out rather badly. The issue was very early framed as Bush once again not being as concerned with security as he should be. It's not surprising that the MSM and TUS would attack and the Demoncraps would size this as an opportunity to look more concerned about security than Bush is. To do so in way that has them practically advocating racial profiling is revealing for its hypocrisy. Need it be mentioned that such a standard has been resisted for airport security, when we actually have had a catastrophic failure in that industry?

It would take much bravery to resist such a tide of rising opposition. It seems that too many in the GOP are only capable of following the most panicked and vocal, rather than think clearly and judge the matter with careful deliberation. It is rather depressing, that such cowardice is applied to areas of national security and how we treat allies. It's one thing to run off a cliff yourself, but must these people also risk pushing the entire nation off the cliff? Being warmly greeted by the MSM now, will not avail much should disaster strike in the future.


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