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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Orwell must be dizzy...

...from spinning like a top, due to what I heard on talk radio yesterday. While listening to Eileen Burn of WLS-Talk Radio discuss an act of terrorism by an individual acting alone, the issue came up about why the MSM wasn' t calling this terrorism.

Let's first look at what happened, with Michelle Malkin supplying plenty of coverage here: (excerpt)

A man who admits that he intentionally plowed into nine people on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus last week told authorities he was disappointed that more people were not around when he carried out the attack. In a search warrant released Tuesday, Mohammed Taheri-azar also told authorities that for two years, he had been thinking about some type of attack because "the United States government had been killing his people across the sea."


Be sure to also check out her recent post JIHAD IN N.C.: MSM WHITEWASH for more views on this matter.

I can think of several reasons for why many would avoid using the term terrorism here; political correctness, the administration wanting to avoid the charge of creating fear for political reasons, trying to avoid panic and/or assuming that some might resort to violent reprisals against innocent people. But while this was being discussed, a caller weighed in that we needed to define terrorism more clearly. This sounded like the beginning of a fruitful discussion, but it was soon revealed to be otherwise.

Turns out, this was an actual, genuine moonbat calling in to the show. The caller calmly proceeded to say that Bush not planning for Katrina, even though he knew what would happen, ended up terrorizing the people that endured the destruction and loss. It only gets better. She went on to say that the administration constantly talking about terrorism was making people feel terrorized. Ergo, in her "brain" Bush was committing terrorism. Eileen managed to say stupid and moron, rather politely at that, with both her and Cisco amused at what the caller was trying to say. I laughed rather loudly at work myself.

This bizzaro world mentality did not originate with the caller though. To completely define something only by the entirely subjective reaction of those directly affected, rather than by disinterested parties, is one of the problems affecting our court system. I've dealt with that somewhat in a post about the courts and judges here.

Laughter is probably the best thing to do when presented with such foolishness. However, we can have a little more fun by actually seeing where such "thinking" takes us. It is undeniable that mice, spiders or cockroaches, to name a few possibilities, terrify some people. To follow in that moonbat caller's rattled attempt at thinking, we have no choice but to conclude that mice, spiders and cockroaches are committing acts of terrorism, because their victims feel terrified. Therefore, such creatures are terrorists.

On the plus side, we can apply the Patriot Act against the vermin now, subject to congressional oversight of course. Well, when they actually bother to read intelligence documents made available to them. Based on past performances, one gets the impression that water boarding may be necessary for some Congressional critters to actually do their job, even when political points are not available for hoarding.

Now that I think about it more, that such an individual can vote and I presume, drive a car, greatly terrifies me. Using that moonbat's "logic", I conclude she's committing acts of terrorism. Cool, I'll call my buddy Karl and send our non-FISA approved intelligence agents to round her up, just in time for the installation of our theocracy :-D


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