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Sunday, March 19, 2006

V For Vendetta

What is courage?

To make a film with (as noted here and here)

  • a child molesting bishop
  • a totalitarian government with Fred Phelps policies against gays
  • that government having a stylized Christian cross as its symbol
  • references to America's war
  • images that mimic Abu Ghraib
  • the Koran is banned
  • Poster equating coalition of the willing as Nazis is banned


  • Publishing slightly offensive cartoons of Mohammad and risking violence and death threats
  • pointing out that Islamofascists hang homosexuals and ban the Bible
  • selling valentines day cards in such countries gets your store ransacked
  • merely being a woman in such countries and subject to honor killings
  • and the list goes on

When is someone going to be brave enough to make a high marque film about those realities? When is someone going to spend as much money on expensive promotions about the Islamofacism that threatens all of us? Rather than, what can easily be taken as merely a moonbat's paranoid, bizzaro world, slippery slope screed against the current administration, only with cool special effects and a heroine with a tight body? Just wondering.

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