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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Islamofacism is not a religion

As the misogynistic, blood thirsty, racist, homophobic, nut jobs that use religion as cover for their barbarism, continue to infect Islam, they will only guarantee that Islam is no longer a religion, just as their own scatological movement is anything but. A case in point, as covered by Michelle Malkin (quotes from her previous post):

An Afghan man who recently admitted he converted to Christianity faces the death penalty under the country's strict Islamic legal system. The trial is a critical test of Afghanistan's new constitution and democratic government.


Abdul Rahman, 40, was arrested last month, accused of converting to Christianity. Under Afghanistan's new constitution, minority religious rights are protected but Muslims are still subject to strict Islamic laws. And so, officially, Muslim-born Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and not for practicing Christianity.


Rahman reportedly converted more than 16 years ago after spending time working in Germany. Officials say his family, who remain observant Muslims, turned him over to the authorities. On Thursday the prosecution told the court Rahman has rejected numerous offers to embrace Islam. Prosecuting attorney Abdul Wasi told the judge that the punishment should fit the crime.

He says Rahman is a traitor to Islam and is like a cancer inside Afghanistan. Under Islamic law and under the Afghan constitution, he says, the defendant should be executed.

I spoke of this earlier here. To my regret, what I saw as only beginning, is actually becoming more established and threatening right now.

The extremists mean to destroy everyone not of Islam but they only destroy Islam as a faith. The following is from a novel about the future, sadly, even now, it begins to ring true.

"No one is faithful to God who has no choice. [...] there are no true Muslims in the world, because they may not choose to cease to be Muslims. If a Muslim tries to become a Hindu or a Christian or even a simple unbeliever, some fanatical Muslim will kill him. [...] Islam is a religion that has no believers, [...] Only people who are compelled to call themselves Muslims and live as Muslims under fear of death."

Shocking words, but is there any doubt that is the world the Islamofascists will achieve if they are not defeated? I pray that those of peace within Islam may overcome this dark shadow that is upon us all.

President Bush and Afghan President Hamid Karzai need to intervene. Not only for the sake of this man and Afghanistan but also for the sake of Islam. What must also be considered, is the affect this will have on whoever supports helping people in the Middle East rise up from the depths of tyranny they have suffered under for so long. If this trial and his punishment are not stopped, it will be much more difficult to maintain support for our continued sacrafices in the region. The WOT is also a war of ideas. This man's fate, if there is no intervention, will  allow those with xenophobic tendencies, to claim vindication. The WOT will suffer a devasting blow, as the idea that those in the Middle East are incapable of civilized behaviour gains more strength. This farce of of a trial must be stopped before it reaps such tragedies. Islamofacism is not a religion worthy of respect or toleration, but merely a ravenous beast, that needs to be killed.


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