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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Insomniac round up v.1

I'm up late researching tools for blogging while dealing with Kevin Trudeau drone on about medical conspiracies blah blah blah. But hey, if you are in to that sort of thing here you go:


Earlier, I watched the President give his SOTU address. I enjoyed the speech. It was particularly satisfying to see the Democrats confused about whether or not they should stand and applaud on several occasions. How foolish for them to actually hoot and cheer over stopping Social Security reform. Real smooth that, considering how many people are becoming involved in the investment markets these days as noted here.

Be sure to checkout Atlus Shrugs for her Liveblogging SOTU and the full transcript. I enjoy her enthusiastic comments but especially this one:

OVATION FOIR ALITO!!!!!!!!!!!! hOO-ah "I will continue to nominate servants of the law, not legislate from the bench."

That was pretty much my reaction as well due to my previous post Judge Alito sworn in...

I notice my friend at radaractive now has another good post Dhimmis, you are dissin' me...

I see Evan Bayh voting against Alito and I know three things: He is playing to the left wing of his party, he doesn't give a rip what his actual constituents think and he is against ME!

Can't say I disagree with that! Be sure to read it all.

So, this my first experiment with a new blogging tool. Well, new for me. I'll try it for awhile and perhaps give a review. But to finish, several books that I've been reading and would like to recommend.

I started with the briefer version because I thought I might be in over my head if I jumped straight into the original "A Brief History of Time." Turns out I was mistaken, so I hope to soon purchase that one and dive right in.

This book has been been very interesting. If you have heard people say that there was too much time between the New Testament being written and Christ's ministry, to be confident of what we have or that legends accumulated about Christ, take the time to check it out. The author starts by taking quick shot at typical theories that consider anything but that Christ may actually be what the New Testament says. Highly recommended.

That's it for tonight - well this morning actually. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

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