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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Judge Alito sworn in...

so prepare for the Apocalypse and for women being chained bare foot and pregnant to old stoves and ironing boards, and gather your children close, because they may be strip searched for chewing bubble gum in public. At least that appears to be the future awaiting us, if one is to believe the rantings from Ted Kennedy and the emoting from little Dick Durbin concerning this man's successful lifetime appointment to associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. I made sure to include the lifetime part, with emphasis, in case any DailyKosNut, moonbat or Democrap Underground (sewer) wackos were reading, as I'm sure their head will explode at being reminded of that. I'm just trying to help out the Democrat party, since they are doing so much damage to it. They aren't doing much good for the country either with their idiocy.

What else could explain John F'n Kerry (served in Vietnam btw), calling in from Davos, Switzerland to beseech his brethren to rally for a filibuster, other than trying to appeal to this element of the party? It's pretty funny when his own party leaders go - uhm nope. Even Hillary! couldn't gin up enough support for the f-bomb and bomb it did.

I do have to admit, that on one issue, I was somewhat in error. During the Judge Roberts confirmation process I had stated that "Bush made a mistake" regarding his support for Arlen Spector. While I would still like to have someone who is actually conservative in his place, I have to concede that my worst fears have not been realized. The other side, despite their rhetoric and distortions, has not been able to stop these justices from being confirmed and sworn in for lifetime appointments. (emphasis added in case some heads failed to explode the first time)

We have now been through two confirmation hearings where we have had to listen to the opposition caterwaul about how precious the courts are for moving society forward. All of this reminded me of an earlier post of mine about the judiciary. As I wrote then, their attitude can be summed up by the phrase "It's good to be the King."

There are also those who may be fretting about how many Catholics *gasp* are now on the U.S. Supreme Court. Certainly, we must be nearing the dreaded Theocracy! they have been accusing the administration of trying to impose on Americans. I've already dealt with the mistakes in using this term so often with Theocracy, an introduction and Theocracy - Abortion. It seems, that some have a knee-jerk reaction to Christian support for laws or even Christians being involved in politics. In some discussions I have had, it would see that a few would even prefer a religious test before you can even vote. Fortunately, this is a very small group of hardly influential people, but then, you have someone like Richard Dawkins saying that religious instruction to children is akin to mental child abuse. Whatever - Dick, perhaps you should get a grip and calm down.

On the bright side, ad mist the doom and gloom of pustulant affliction that is the wacko left/moonbat element of the Democrat party, there is the thought of how they will be affected by the applause the President will receive in his State of The Union address when he mentions Justice Alito being sworn in today. Well, I guess it will only be bright on the sane side but that's ok by me :-)


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