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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Carnival of the Moonbat Cartoonists! Issue #2

Welcome to the second issue of Carnival of the Moonbat Cartoonists!

Unfortunately, no submissions were received before this deadline, so I'll just go with the last carnival, in case some missed it, and add links to my own articles about Ted Rall, a vile enough individual to need his own species classification - moonbat cartoonist maximus.

This carnival is scheduled for the second Saturday of every month with midnight, the Friday before that day being the sumbission deadline. I'll provide excerpts and links to the articles in the order they have been received. Feel free to submit your own in the future and be sure to leave comments at the blogs that have participated. Don't think you have to only write about nationally known cartoonists. I'm sure there are plenty that are local or even international that can be criticized or defended on numerous issues, so don't be shy.

Our fist submission is from a good friend of  mine and a strong submission it is! I also want to thank him for encouraging me to start this carnival.

Radar, at Radaractive, presents: Ted Rall: Proof against Darwinism

Scientists (and unfortunately, everybody else) have discovered a man so primitive and backwards in his social development, character and basic human decency that Darwinists en masse have thrown up their hands and admitted their mistake. That this individual could be alive today totally discounts the idea of evolution because obviously DEVOLUTION is the operation that is observed.

That this particular noxious specimen has chosen to work as a cartoonist, of all things, is the only thing funny about him or his work. He is not funny, he is not smart, nor clever, witty, nor wise. He is simply offensive, prejudiced, stupid, inane and socially retarded.


Our second article is from Agora, and presents Now is when History is Written.

Agora introduces the article from Jyllands-Posten:

This feature article ran in yesterday’s Jyllands-Posten. Read this - if for nothing else, to get this sentence in its context: “Who is on our side when it comes to defending Danes against bondage and serfdom to foreign powers?”

Excerpt from the article:


The calls on the public from former foreign secretaries, the have-been ex-ambassadors, the appeasing bishops, the writers and others have an eerie reminescense of King Christian X’s proclamation after the occupation of April 9, 1940 “During these for our country so troubled times, I urge all the people of Denmark to be fully correct and diginified in their behaviour, since any uncautious act or utterance may have the most severe repercussions.”

Are not these the same words we hear today - demands to not make uncautios utterances - not because they are unlawful, but because foreign lords will not tolerate them? And these demands are made at a time where the Moslem part of the population is still only somewhere between 4 and 5 percent. How much freedom will be left, I wonder, in 10, 15 or 20 years? The sheer horror of a life of serfdom has begun to spread amongst the people and this is where we see the explanation for the massive displacements of voters we have seen the last few weeks.

I want to thank you both, very much, for participating. Everyone, be sure to drop by their blogs and leave input. Keep an eye out for next months Carnival of the Moonbat Cartoonists! and feel free to submit an article of your own.

And my own articles to add to this issue:

Ted Rall - his name should be a profanity

Ted Rall - whiny little girl

Ted Rall - still scum

The Limits of Our Language

Until next time...


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