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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Skull full of mush

It should soon be clear why I quoted Rush Limbaugh for the title. Skull of mush in bold, my replies in regular text.

Kilmon Alexander DevinWrote:

Did any of you see it? What did you think of it? I would like to get the christian conservative view on this movie.

Dont try to 'save' me, i am not one for conformity.

avoiding conformity is a very poor method for arriving at truth

My take on V for Vendetta

V For Vendetta

Hey man,   you look like a pretty patriotic guy. I bet you have no idea about anything outside of fox news.

I dont have cable. Way to make assumptions.
Have you ever thought that maybe you are not right? Just maybe?
No, I am perfection personified.
Stupid rhetorical questions get sarcastic remarks. Just in case that went over your head.
You people are so single-minded.

relevance? besides lack of evidence

this movie was based on a graphic novel written in the 1960s,   that answers your muhammad question. Christianity is the most-followed western religion. That is why it was most-likely chosen.
It was updated, obviously. Posters of Bush and coalition of the willing. You might want to take a look at what the author of the novel said about it. He called it a liberals fantasy about neocons or something to that affect. He withdrew himself from the movie because of what they changed. Oh and the novel was written in the 80s during the Thatcher administration.
You say avoiding conformity is a very poor method of arriving at truth? Think of it this way; what percentage of the united states is of above-average intelligence? Obviously not the majority. I have yet to meet a person of above-average intelligence who has conservative beliefs,   nor have i met one who is a christian. You people are blind.

Says the person who is unaware of the film being updated and the author of the novel criticizing its message or when the novel was actually written.
I see you are waving various weapons in your photos. You are probably one of those idiots who believes "guns dont kill people,   people kill people." Did you ever stop to think what a gun is? It is a device designed to take life.
My rifle, carbine and 2 pistols must be defective as they have never killed anyone while I've had them. Nor have my 3 swords.
And yes people kill people

The Tyranny of Inanimate Objects

You are probably a warhawk too.

I like how pacifism sounds on paper, but it can easily be seen that it does not work in the real world. However, it does not logically follow that I must therefore love war. As a matter of fact, my perference to avoid violence, led to my choosing a particular martial art over others.
Do you think that sending a bunch of innocent people with loved ones over to another country to kill other innocent people is the best way to solve problems?
Wrong question. Do I think it is necessary to kill bad guys before they kill us? Yep darn tootin I do. It may also, at times, be necessary to kill someone so that they will not kill a p*meow* pacifist.
Or do you think that the ones youd be killing aren't innocent because their governments are corrupt? They conformed,   and you(the soldier) conformed,   and what comes from it? Death in masses.
We take prisoners when they surrender and do the best possible to avoid civilian causalites. I notice a lack of those qualities in al queda and other Isalmic extremists.
I am not sure if you have realized, but in history all over the world there seems to be a trend in governmental protests.
You really think its good when Islamofascists have violent protests over mildly offensive cartoons and people die, or when the French freak out over not having guaranteed jobs, or Islamonuts protest that a man who rejected Islam for Christianity, is allowed to avoid trial for the "offense" and threaten to kill him anyway? You seem not to have realized that protests are not always about good things.
People go to college,  they learn how the government really works

Some colleges are better than others. I wouldnt recommend Berkley though.
and they protest. Rebellion is the opposite of conformity.

Thank you captain obvious.
so what happens when you take a view from outside of fox news? I advise you start thinking alittle more,   and stop watching the brain-drain that is television.

How cute, you bookend your silliness with the indentical assumption. Smooth move kiddo.


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