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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The missing link and stupid editors

In a breaking story about what is called proof of a missing link between fish and land animals we have this:

Discovered: the missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

As such, it will be a blow to proponents of intelligent design, who claim that the many gaps in the fossil record show evidence of some higher power.

It would seem that the fossilized missing link has more intelligence than the editor of this rag. Intelligent Design does not require denial of common descent and argues primarily from molecular biology, not from structural forms nor does it argue for ID alone and completely exclude natural means. It should be noted that some of ID's more militant opponents will not allow for anything other than naturalism alone. In other words, falsification of their view is not even allowed in principle. It's rather humorous when these same critics claim that ID is not science by saying that it is not falsifiable, even though ID supporters have described the principles by which ID may be falsified and Miller has claimed to have done so with biological science. But hey, when you're jonesing to stroke your bias, being stupid probably gets overlooked.

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