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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I like warm weather...

The weather is finally nice enough to open windows and let fresh air in. Being able to go outside without a bulky coat feels great. Only one problem though. All this fresh air through open windows, makes it easier to hear various sounds just outside. BEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEEP!!

I have to wonder, how brain-dead are these morons that incessantly lay on the horn whenever they pick someone up? Do they ever think outside of their own lazy bags of flesh, to realize that if whoever they're picking up can hear it, so can everyone else in the immediate area and if it's startling enough to get your friend's attention, gee, maybe it might, just might irritate everyone else as well?

Heaven forbid, they call their friend on the cell phone instead. Horror of horrors it must be to hit the speed dial or the agony of effort involved if one has been lacking in intellectual gifts or motivation to set that up and have to dial it manually. Then of course, there is the torturous concept of ungluing that rear end wedged into the standard sized bucket seat and actually walking to the door and letting them know you're there.

Nope, can't do any of those things, too much effort, too much thought required. Just lay on that freakin horn you lazy incosiderate BLEEEEEPers!!

There, I feel better now.

oh btw rant alert


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