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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Man boy love - what say you?

The reasons for introducing this matter by way of an apparently unrelated subject will become evident soon enough.

Google's Blogspot service offers a number of features for blogging and best of all they're free. Part of the TOS agreement is that we dispaly the Blogger nav bar at the top of our blogs. Not only can this help bring traffice to our site, but it also includes a search function. There is another feature that needs to be considered. There is also a flag button. This so readers can not for Blogspot's attention, that a particular blog contains offensive material. Over time, this could result in various actions being taken by Blogspot.

What is the "Flag" button?

The "Flag?" button is a means by which readers of Blog*Spot can help inform us about potentially questionable content, so we can prevent others from encountering such material by setting particular blogs as "unlisted." This means the blog won't be promoted on but will still be available on the web — we prefer to keep in mind that one person's vulgarity is another's poetry. Or something like that.

For more serious cases, such as spam blogs or sites engaging in illegal activity, we will continue to enforce our existing policies (removing content and deleting accounts when necessary).

Keeping this Blogger feature in mind, let's consider a particular blog as covered by WorldNetDaily:

Google hosts 'boy love' site Family counselor presses Web giant to dump it

A marriage and family therapist is trying to convince Google to drop a website from its popular, free blog host that promotes "boy love," sexual relationships between men and adolescents.


 not long after she exposed it yesterday morning, the "Paiderastia" site removed its most recent posts, including one dated April 9.

Also removed, according to Harp, was a podcast – a file with a radio-style report – that mocked the FBI. It was created through the podcast provider Liberated Syndication.

The site now begins with a Feb. 15 post that outlines the "Boylove Code of Ethics," which includes this rule: "Intimacy with a boy should never develop into a sexual relationship without the boy fully consenting and understanding the social, legal, and health implications of the relationship."


I find it interesting that some items were alledgely removed after the blog got some less than flattering publicity. See the description at the top that blog:

"Paiderastia" The Boy Love Revival

Pederasty, as idealized by the ancient Greeks, was a relationship and bond between an adolescent boy and an adult man outside of HIS immediate family. This is modernized in today's culture as gender neutral by a relationship and bond between an adolescent child and an adult outside of their immediate family. In a wider sense this refers to erotic/mentor/spiritual love between adolescents and adults. Building Bridges!

And then there is that flag button. For future reference, should that navbar dissappear and conveniently take the flag button with it, that would be violation of Blogger's TOS and subject to disciplinary action as well.

I report, you decide


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