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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My pants or your pants?

WMD - the mere mention of those letters may cause some on the looney left to chortle and guffaw and immediately chant, liar liar pants on fire, with glee and jubilation as they nearly climax while fantasizing about George Bush being impeached because, Bush LIED AND PEOPLE DIED! Even all caps seem to fail at really expressing their fervor. This may not last for very long though.

While the more sane and rational know the difference between an intentional lie and a mistake based on flawed intelligence, it may be that even that position is not entirely correct. It appears that soon, definite answers on some of these quesions will be available, with the potential for people on all sides of the issue to be surprised.

Congress's Secret Saddam Tapes

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is studying 12 hours of audio recordings between Saddam Hussein and his top advisers that may provide clues to the whereabouts of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.


will make the recordings available to the public on February 17 at the annual meeting of the Intelligence Summit, of which he is president. On the organization's Web site, Mr. Loftus is quoted as promising that the recordings "will be able to provide a few definitive answers to some very important - and controversial - weapons of mass destruction questions."


He has also asked the director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, to declassify some 35,000 boxes of Iraqi documents obtained in the war that have yet to be translated.

"I still believe there are key individuals who have not been debriefed and there are key sites that have never been investigated. I know there are 35,000 boxes of documents that have never been translated. I am frustrated," Mr. Hoekstra said.

Be sure to read the entire article. While we can't be sure where all of this will finally lead, it is quite interesting how some take the word of those in the intelligence community who say Saddam didn't have WMD when we invaded and yet they will disparage that same community for bungling and missing the clues to the 9-11 plot. It may turn out that we gave up the search too soon. If that is the case, will those who ridiculed the President and threatened impeachment, apologize? Will they consider that the political situation they created, may have forced the administration to cut its losses on the matter, and left WMD in the hands of those who mean to do us harm? Somehow, I don't think their mental maturity will rise above, liar liar pants on fire, even while theirs are being soiled.


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