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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Google Instant Messaging

The latest news for the search engine giant has it planning to enter into the instant messaging arena. Google has been in the news lately for a few other reasons, so this news item caught my attention.

Google takes aim at chat rivals

Google is to integrate its popular e-mail service with instant messaging, allowing users to chat and send e-mails from the same web browser window.

The most interesting aspect was this:

People will only be able to start conversations with fellow Gmail account holders, or those contacts using services compatible with Google's messaging facilities.

They include US-based Earthlink, the network and e-mail providers in the Philippines, China and Italy.

China? I wonder, will Google's IM fare any better than it's search engine did, when they entered the Chinese market?

A small sample of what users in China can expect. Rollover with your mouse for enlightenment.

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