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Monday, December 21, 2009

Are we no longer a nation of laws?

For those of us who have been paying attention, that question may have been answered with a “no we are not” some time ago. How could it get any worse than the racial and political games of Eric Holder’s reign at the Dept. of Justice, to point out just one aspect of the Obama administration? Unfortunately, it can get worse. If the following is true, the loss of liberties and prosperity threatened by Obama’s version of health care “reform” will be much more difficult to overturn, and the manner in which this is being attempted cares little for precedent or parliamentary procedure.

Upon examination of Senator Harry Reid’s amendment to the health care legislation, Senators discovered section 3403. That section changes the rules of the United States Senate.

To change the rules of the United States Senate, there must be sixty-seven votes.

That’s right, take over one sixth of the American economy, do so by hyper partisan votes, buying votes with favors inserted into the bill, and then require a super majority to overturn it.

The good news is that this only applies to one section of the Obamacare legislation. The bad news is that it applies to regulations imposed on doctors and patients by the Independent Medical Advisory Boards a/k/a the Death Panels. (source)

Get that? One of the worst aspects of the bill is being made more difficult to rescind. Be sure to read the entire post at, there is more, including a transcript wherein it is noted that this rule/procedure change that requires a super majority will not itself require that to be passed.

Before this was noticed there was talk of State nullification of this mess. It has happened before in our history, this disaster provides another reason for States to move forward on such legislation. You can learn more here, which includes a map of the current state of play.

States nullifying the most damaging elements of the law would be a better step to take than jumping to seceding or worse yet, revolution by arms rather than votes. But with this administration, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on the side of increasing government control of our lives, and doing so with questionable methods (to put it politely), there is no telling where all this may end.

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