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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ACORN Philadelphia video available

ACORN had claimed that Hannah and O’Keefe had been thrown out of their Philadelphia office. The short video that has been released, with promise of the entire video and audio being available later, shows otherwise.

At – FYI it seems that traffic is slowing down the servers

Breitbart, Hannah and O’Keefe held a press conference earlier today. The reason for the dropped audio in the video was explained as addressing Pennsylvania record and consent laws.

Even with just this introductory video we can see that ACORN lied about the following:

1. Prostitution was not mentioned – YOU LIE!

2. Only talked to them for a few minutes – YOU LIE!

3. They caused a disturbance – YOU LIE!

As O’Keefe and Breitbart have noted, the media has repeated these lies. Will they correct their stories now?

ACORN has been revealed once again to be a criminal organization from top to bottom. While there can be no doubt that there are still some good people somewhere in the organization, they are constrained by the culture of corruption that is ACORN. This organization needs to be completely defunded at all levels of government and investigated thoroughly. Good people need to find other organizations that actually help the poor, rather than seek political power with liberal Democrats and using the poor as mere cannon fodder while people at the top benefit from the political corruption.

And let’s not forget that our Community Organizer in Chief has long and substantial ties to ACORN.


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