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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another State shuts down ACORN funding

This snowball is getting bigger and moving faster.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal today cut off state funding for the community activist group ACORN.

Jindal has also blocked any state agency for entering into contracts with the organization.

The executive order also cuts off any future state funding of ACORN, on the heels of a series of embarrassing incidents for the organization.

The governor's action follows a subpoena of documents from the group's national headquarter office in New Orleans. […] (source, thanks to Michelle Malkin)

Let’s take the opportunity of reinforcing a point I made in a previous post:

This new scandal is only on top of the former scandals of embezzlement and cover up, voter registration fraud convictions in multiple states, shaking down businesses, campaign finance illegalities, to name a few off the top of my head.

Anita Moncrief adds more detail to ACORN’s long-standing corruption with her post ACORN: The Roots of a Scandal, be sure to go through earlier posts at her personal blog as well. She makes an interesting point with:

Some may find it disturbing that ACORN Housing is a landlord after watching the videos on the ACORN scandal at …

I can’t tell from what is presented if ACORN or one of the subsidiaries in its web actually has ownership or management of any housing. If they do own or are involved in managing such properties, perhaps there should be an investigation into the conditions at those locations? It’s not like there has never been a housing or real estate scandal in Chicago or other cities. ACORN has shown from top to bottom that it cares little for ethical standards. Even if just involved in development and not as landlords, their ever worsening reputation gives reason for concern. If the line is not drawn at covering up embezzlement at the top, or the trafficking of minors for sex at the bottom, is there really any reason for giving ACORN the benefit of the doubt in any project?

It seems the more one looks, the more thorough the corruption shows itself to be. Sadly, while there are undoubtedly sincere people within ACORN simply trying to help the poor, the organization over all appears to be far less concerned with its stated mission and more focused on gaining power and money no matter the cost, even if it hurts those it is supposedly trying to help.


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