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Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama’s nuts are getting squashed

Those nuts being his ACORN buddies. If you’ve been watching only ABCCBSNBCCNN then you are probably unaware of what has been happening to ACORN due to the work of two activist journalists, a new website by Andrew Breitbart, various blogs, Fox News and Glenn Beck. This is what we have thus far.

Andrew Breitbart started a new website Big Government that features a video of ACORN employees helping a prostitute and her pimp/boyfriend figure out how to commit mortgage fraud, tax fraud and money laundering for a political campaign. It only gets worse. These same employees then offer advice on how to hide the fact the the prostitute is bringing in under age girls from El Salvador to turn tricks. They go so far as to say declare three as dependants but no more as that would look suspicious. Video of all this is here.

ACORN responds by saying this only happened at one office, these people tried it a number of places and were turned away. One problem with that, there is another video of the same thing happening at a different office. ACORN still claims it is an isolated incident and begins throwing the race card and threatening to sue. You can see how this has progressed by going to the ACORN category at Big Government. There is now a third video from another ACORN office. Here is the link, just click newer entries at the bottom to get the updates and then read from the bottom up to see how the story unfolds.

As of today the latest is that ACORN has been dropped from the census, and a Senate funding bill for HUD/Transportation has had an amendment added that prevents ACORN from receiving federal funds until this is investigated. Sadly, seven Senators voted against the amendment, six were Democrats and one is an Independent. HotAir has the names which includes little Dick Durbin and Roland Burris, hardly surprising in my opinion.

So can we assume that Illinois and Vermont are especially sympathetic to child-whoring pimp assistance? (source, which has the rest of the names and several updates)

Glenn Beck has been all over this story and has promised more to come. ACORN is a criminal enterprise that receives millions of our tax dollars. Besides what you can find at biggovernment these days you can also find some interesting background at Anita Moncrief’s blog under the ACORN category.

Let us not forget that Obama cut his teeth working with ACORN and paid them for services during his campaign. That money was “mislabeled” originally but of course Obama received a pass on that matter, as he has on others. More about ACORN during the election here.

Michelle Malkin covers other ways that ACORN receives support from our taxes.

If the Census Bureau no longer trusts ACORN to collect data as a result of these videotapes, why is Congress still allowing taxpayer money to be funneled to the ACORN Housing Corporation?

AHC has received an estimated $16 million in taxpayer funds between 1997-2007, according to the Employment Policies Institute.

Last week, I noted that ACORN is now managing apartments in Bedford-Stuyvesant for the newly completed Atlantic Avenue Apartments.

In April, I noted that the bone-headed Bush administration shoved another $1.6 million into AHC’s pockets to subsidize the left-wing mortgage counseling racket.

AHC has a long history of abusing federal housing funds and Americorps grants for political activities. Thanks to the Consumer Rights League and brave ACORN whistleblowers, we also know their shady practices include working to obtain mortgages for illegal aliens and relying on undocumented income, “under the table” money, that may not be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. (source, read it all as they say)

The pressure needs to not only be maintained but increased. This should only be the start. ACORN should long ago have been the target of a RICO investigation. It may be that the ingenuity and guts of two activist/journalists may be the spark that finally removes this race baiting, radicalizing, criminal enterprise, which treats the poor as throw away facemasks and cannon fodder from the position of power and influence it has held on to far too long.


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